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Episodes mentioning UK gov

pipboy totally looks like, tetris good for brains, dr kawashima, a life well wasted, canabalt, citiesXL, trailer, rumblings of problems, spyborgs, game footage, tax breaks would be nice, galaga record broken, galaga, sackboy lives here

xbox support on twitter, search for cries of help, blizzcon, 2010 release schedule, starcraft 2 to allow charging for community maps, 8bit trip, unpronouncable band!, stargate worlds, midway nommage, multitask, 8bit chocolate rain, gameplay footage, 25 years of fail, facepalm, facepalm, facepalm, facepalm, facepalm, win

Just Cause 2, Bored with Translation, PSPGo price not an issue in europe, 1euro not equal 1 dollar, PS3 salesTetris Orgy, German government seeking to ban violent games, UK tax breaks for gaming industry?, No elves!

eurogamer outrage, uk gov change4life, 5 year old stab attack, oh no he didn’t really, keith vaz spouts inunformed mind, byron report, crazy japanese guy, babys first dirty laugh, royal airforce preferring gamers, stalin vs martians, dancing baby, super mario land etching, urbis gaming exhibition, fossil consoles, wayback machine, RIP gamecyte, vg cats – rage quit.

Square-Enix offers to buy Eidos, Tories bitch at UK gov for not supporting gaming industry, Midway US shady dealings, Joker fatality, Left4Dead “casual encounters spam, escape from city 17 part 1, Purchase Brothers, The Watchmen viral game, Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview, Mezmer Games, What I learned from Left4Dead, Sega’s “project ringo”

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