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Episodes mentioning sega

Mass We Pray viral ad, left4dead 8bit, sonic in hull?, BBC iplayer on Wii, Zombie Driver, Activision looking to wring money out of Modern Warfare 2, DSi XL, bitching about it, nights in SSR protest, protest number 2, Don’t forget NiGHTS

pspgo hacked, warhammer mmo goes mac, cider, spawn labs, 73% of Brits are gamers, people get a bigger buzz from beating strangers, return of the mac, extreme game servers, masterchief at a saints game?, pimpin zelda guy, ryo in sonic and sega allstars racing, mario handfart

trash panic, where I found trash panic, twilight the mmo, twilight the crossover we’d all love to see, sega genesis megadrive turns 20 (I’m so old!), sega calls on fans for iphone titles, valve taps depeche mode, eurogamer expo, classless TF2 update, hat whinge, hat whinge, hat whinge, new money guitar hero leads to wii memory info

no play Sega with Harrison, Redneck Rampage next for Blizzard?, Redneck Rampage, PS3 outsells Wii in Japan, DSi conquers all in UK, mentality of a gamer, wiispray teaser, wiispray, pipboy touch, pipboy spore, Raving Rabbids drop minigames, invisible shirt, 2.5 billion achievements, mobile phones in use in 2006, years oxygen has been around, achievement generator

Square-Enix offers to buy Eidos, Tories bitch at UK gov for not supporting gaming industry, Midway US shady dealings, Joker fatality, Left4Dead “casual encounters spam, escape from city 17 part 1, Purchase Brothers, The Watchmen viral game, Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview, Mezmer Games, What I learned from Left4Dead, Sega’s “project ringo”

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