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Your slice of gaming news and culture for Tues 16th of March 2011.

Demo Knight, 8bit funding, use exposure, violence in games proven healthy, Mortal Kombat demo, realistic sounds Mario, Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime, Game In Scotland, Moonshot Games, Fallen Frontier, Children of Liberty

pspgo hacked, warhammer mmo goes mac, cider, spawn labs, 73% of Brits are gamers, people get a bigger buzz from beating strangers, return of the mac, extreme game servers, masterchief at a saints game?, pimpin zelda guy, ryo in sonic and sega allstars racing, mario handfart

awesome 1, awesome 2, awesome 3, awesome 4, the guild, blizcon goodies, NOAH, arcology, sim city 2000, xbox slim, ps3 slim, ps3 slim gallery, ps3 slashing, more slashing, GT PSP for free, PSN video, future racer, earthworm jim, no quarter, hitler must die, gamescom

eurogamer outrage, uk gov change4life, 5 year old stab attack, oh no he didn’t really, keith vaz spouts inunformed mind, byron report, crazy japanese guy, babys first dirty laugh, royal airforce preferring gamers, stalin vs martians, dancing baby, super mario land etching, urbis gaming exhibition, fossil consoles, wayback machine, RIP gamecyte, vg cats – rage quit.

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